Tribal Tenacity: Our Student troupe

Valkyrie Rouge also directs a student troupe, Tribal Tenacity.

Tribal Tenacity is the American Tribal Style® student troupe. This troupe is directed by Bambi Pizzolato with assistance from the other members of Valkyrie Rouge. This troupe’s goal is to prepare the members to perform ATS®. Members not only work on the dance for but learn history and styles of dance, make up, costuming, stage presence, and other important skills for performance. Tribal Tenacity performs at a variety of events though membership in the troupe does not mean performance is mandatory.

Requirements for membership:

  • Completion of ATS ® Fundamentals (level 1) and ATS® Combinations (level 2)
  • Active enrollment in weekly ATS® Drills and Improvisation (level 3)
  • 2 hours of private lessons with Bambi.
  • Understanding of/ability to perform the ATS® moves from Level 1 and 2
  • Willingness to obtain basic costume (Black choli/pantaloons/25 yrd skirt/belt)
  • 4 hours of at home practice per month documented in a practice journal
  • 4 hours of workshops a year
  • Approval of instructor

Contact Bambi for more information if you are interested in working towards membership in Tribal Tenacity at