Valkyrie Rouge, Baton Rouge’s first and only American Tribal Style® troupe.

Valkyrie Rouge Tribal was founded in October 2011 when 4 women came together  because of a love of tribal style belly dance. They began performing together and one October night Valkyrie Rouge was created. Our name is a combination of Valkyrie, for our strength as women, and Rouge, to pay tribute to the city we are based in. We base our dance format on the moves of American Tribal Style® and mix in a little of our funky flair.

We are passionate about tribal bellydance and the positive body image it promotes. We strive to promote the art form in our community and beyond. Bellydance celebrates the female form  in all its beautiful shapes and sizes, inspires positive self image and creates community among women. Join us for a class or performance to experience this for yourself.

Valkyrie Rouge performs American Tribal Style® Bellydance, as created by Fat Chance Belly Dance®. This style is a unique fusion of traditional Middle Eastern, classical Indian and Flamenco style dancing.  The dancers use a vocabulary of movements, steps, and cues that allows them to create a spontaneous improvisational performance that appears choreographed.  For more info on ATS® Belly Dance the creation and history of ATS® click here


Valkyrie Rouge is excited to call Violet Lotus Studio our home!

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